Fresh Animal Derived Biomaterials

What We Do

At Maverick Bio, we produce enhanced animal-derived biomaterials for life-saving medical procedures, vital health research, and so much more.


Biological Medical Product Materials

Valve, soft tissue, bone, tendon and hide materials.


Diagnostic & Media Materials

Offals, organs, extracts, glands and blood products.


Human & Veterinary Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Materials

Offals, organs, glands, seminal vesicles, blood products & derivatives.


Animal Derived Biological Materials For Research & Development

The Maverick business has been built by working closely and in integrity with our clients, to completely understand their needs

Collagen Based Materials

Tendon materials, hide, skin, mucosa and serosal membranes.

Why Work With Us

Maverick Bio is a thriving regional business built on down-to-earth people like you. And we’re growing. That’s why we’re investing in our people more than ever before.

Let’s Work Together

There are numerous compelling reasons to collaborate with Maverick biosciences for your animal-derived biomaterial requirements. Whether you are seeking a unique solution that has been developed on a bench scale and now necessitates compliance with your quality and regulatory standards, exploring dual-sourcing options with an existing supplier, facing challenges in obtaining commercially viable quantities, or encountering supply constraints, Maverick biosciences is uniquely positioned to assist you in all these scenarios and beyond.